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Must We Endure “Gross Darkness?”

For the last half century, children the world over have had to learn that their elders possess biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, which could destroy all life on earth. Today, millions of young people are talking and singing and “rapping” about death and dying and killing. They wonder if they’ll live to “grow up” — and whether they even want to grow up in a world where adults are continually threatening to use man’s most hideous inventions.

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What’s The Point?
Through “Contact the Author,” a visitor to this site recently asked me a question that I believe others might also ask, so I’m posting my answer for all to read. He asked, “What’s the point of reading your book and all the stuff you’ve posted here. I can’t believe skeptics suddenly ‘get religious,’ or Jews and Christians ‘see the light’ because of your writings. Come on lady — get real.”

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