Whether you are a believer or an unbeliever in Abraham’s God, beliefs about Him are now threatening your very existence. Yet, you may well be among the majority of people whose workload leaves you with no time or energy to study the sacred books that have always inspired believers to hate and kill each other, and are now inciting religious extremists to terrorize the world.

Although I’ve combined the essential teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian Bible and Islam’s Koran in one book, you still might not have the patience needed to read a whole book on the subject! To whet your interest, I’ve created ebooks that can each be read in less than an hour. These brief books will introduce you to stories and teachings you may have long since forgotten or never heard. Of course, I’ve chosen stories that directly relate to current events.

If enough people — one person at a time — improve their understanding of the Prophets’ teachings, we could finally end thousands of years of religiously inspired bloodshed and spare ourselves the horror of a nuclear holocaust — as the Prophets said we could!

The first ebook discusses Noah’s story, which laid the enduring foundation for the hatreds that plague us today. The story provides essential knowledge of the “main players” in current events. And it doesn’t matter if, at the moment, you do not believe there ever was a World Flood that a man named Noah survived!

Noah’s Role in the 21st Century

The second ebook will acquaint you with Noah’s distant descendant, Muhammad, who is finally commanding the world’s attention, after remaining largely unnoticed by most “Westerners” for close to 1400 years. Unlike Noah, his reality has never been disputed, but his teachings have been grossly disfigured.

A Concise Introduction to Muhammad and Islam

On June 19, 2004, the Los Angeles Times quoted John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. Unlike the grievous arguments over the current “war against terrorism,” constantly repeated by our news media, Mrs. Kerry astutely told us: “We’re not going to fight terrorism with missiles. We’re going to fight terrorism with ideas.”

Although her phrase “We’re not going to fight…” is slightly flawed, the idea she conveyed is flawless. In reality, the United States and its allies are desperately trying “to fight terrorism with missiles.” But we aren’t going to subdue terrorism with armies and weapons! Religiously inspired terrorists can be subdued only through improved religious “ideas.” Those “improved” ideas must be powerful enough to persuade the terrorists to alter their long-cherished ideas.

Either we embark on the “new idea” of significantly improving our religious understanding, or the “old idea” of “killing our enemies” will wreak the horror our “new weapons” can create.